5 Ways to Sell Your Houston Home


 1. Traditional Listing with Strategic Online Marketing

If you bought your home in the last 15 years, you probably saw it for the first time online. Being listed on sites like HAR, Realtor.com, Zillow, or Trulia are fundamental to creating leads in the modern real estate market, and you can maximize those returns by working with a local realtor who specializes in listing Houston properties, as they’ll know the keywords and points of emphasis to make your property stand out.

With that said, merely existing on the internet isn’t enough. From a sales and marketing perspective, you need to build awareness and create a strong sense of perceived value in the local real estate marketplace. With those two pieces of the puzzle in place, you can create a competitive environment that gets you the highest amount of money for your home.

Achieving that requires getting your locally optimized listing in front of the right eyes, both in terms of potential buyers and buyers’ agents. If you’re shopping for realtors to help sell your house, ask them about their online marketing strategy – it will help you see which agencies in your community are using technology to support their clients and which are not.

 2. Make Home Improvements with Leading Houston Contractors and Vendors

Unless your house is brand new, it’s likely to require some updates, improvements, or maintenance work to get the best possible price. As the homeowner, it can feel like those costs are eating into your take-home at the end of the sale, but if you’re working with the right people, you can make tweaks to your house that can increase its topline value without you missing out on profit.

Ask Your Realtor for References

Everybody “knows somebody” when it comes to building contractors, but people often fail to realize the power of making your realtor a partner, advisor, and contact hub throughout the update and repair process leading up to a sale.

Well-established local or boutique real estate brokerages like CA Modern Realty have longstanding relationships with contractors and vendors of all sorts, which means we can help you get a much better rate than you could negotiate on your own. You even have the option to get repairs and updates completed before you put your home on the market, and pay for the rehab cost at closing!

Established local realtors know which features and amenities provide the most value in their specific market, which means they can provide incredibly valuable consultation when it comes to determining what work is needed, what you should prioritize, and what the final product needs to look like to make the best sale.

 3. Sell Your Houston Home “As Is”

If you don’t have the time or money to remodel your home to get it into shape to sell, then selling “As Is” is a great option.

An “As Is” sale is the opposite of fixing the place up, as we described above. As the seller, you inform the marketplace that you’re aware the house is not in ideal condition and that you do not intend to make any repairs before, during, or after any prospective sale.

When you list your property “As Is,” you eliminate the chance of selling to the “Move-In Ready” crowd, but you create more opportunities to get offers from investors, cash buyers, or DIY enthusiasts. Declaring your home is in “As Is” condition might carry a stigma for some, but in reality, it’s just a marketing move that can turn your imperfect house into an attractive opportunity for the right buyer.

At CA Modern Realty, we specialize in As-Is listings. We price it right the first time for a quick sale.

4. Use our Exclusive Buyers List to Headhunt Qualified Buyers

Technology has improved sales and marketing across the board, and there’s no longer any need to wait around for the right person to stumble upon your listing. Online house hunting services are growing in popularity. If your realtor is tech-savvy, you can connect with the ideal buyer in a matter of days.

Buyers who use these services are typically highly qualified and seriously looking to buy the right property, which means that if your property meets their needs and expectations, you can have a quick sale.

As an online buyer connection is relatively new, not all realtors and agents are experienced in using it or understand how to make the most of the technology. If you’re looking to get the expertise of Houston’s buyer connection experts, talk to the CA Modern Realty team about the possibilities of selling your home. Contact us about our off-market “pocket” listings.

 5. Use a Short Sale to Avoid Foreclosure or Get Out of a Bad Mortgage

When you’re upside-down on a mortgage or at risk of losing your house, it can feel like you have no cards left to play. Thankfully, though, a short sale is an option for homeowners looking to preserve their credit and avoid the embarrassment and hardship of foreclosure. You also have the option of repairing your credit and purchasing another home within the next few years.

In a short sale, you ask your bank for permission to sell your property for less than the value of your mortgage. You are essentially trading your lender a lump sum of cash to be released from your mortgage commitment.

Partnering with the right real estate agency for a short sale is essential, as an experienced professional can help you build the documentation you need to get approval from your bank and provide you with the consulting know-how you need to understand each of your offers and how they will affect your short- and long-term position. A short sale scenario can be nerve-wracking, but with the right realtor by your side, it can be an excellent opportunity for a fresh start!

What If You Don’t Want to Sell Your House in Houston?

If upgrading your living situation doesn’t require you to sell your house, or if you want to maintain your property as an asset, a local realtor can help turn your home into a cash-generating rental opportunity.

Transforming your residence into a rental property can be a headache in terms of regulations, pricing, and long-term maintenance considerations, but by partnering with a Houston-area property and rental expert, you can bring in a professional who knows local laws like the back of their hand, has connections with the contractors you need, and possesses a rich understanding of local trends, expectations, and benchmarks.

A Houston realtor can also be a huge difference-maker when it comes to connecting with quality tenants. You can find renters on just about any online platform, but a licensed realtor can help you find qualified tenants whom you can trust. That can mean better peace of mind, more equity, and increased market value.

How CA Modern Realty Can Help You Sell a House in Houston

CA Modern Realty is a boutique brokerage on a mission to add value to the lives of the people in the Houston, Texas community. We pride ourselves on providing a modern, low-stress experience that truly puts our clients and their needs above all else.

Our team of elite Houston real estate experts are bilingual, up to date on both industry and local trends, and committed to helping clients realize the maximum value of their properties. Whether you’re looking for a quick cash sale, hoping to turn in your starter home for your dream house, or become a landlord with an investment property contact CA Modern Realty today to get game-changing insights from elite Real Estate experts dedicated to your success.


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