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6 Things You Need to Know Before You Sell Your House in Houston

1. Start with an Accurate Home Valuation from a Houston Property Specialist

One of the worst errors people make when they sell their house is putting the property on the market without actually knowing what it’s worth in the real world.

There are many factors that go into determining property value. The size, square footage, school district, distance from amenities, and many other factors affect a property’s value. If you’re not a realtor or professional assessor yourself, there’s just no way you can accurately predict your property’s market value.

By working with a realtor in your immediate area, you can equip yourself with a top-to-bottom understanding of your strengths and weaknesses entering the local real estate market, making it easier to calibrate your expectations and plan the next steps.

If you’re looking for a real estate specialist in the Greater Houston area to get an accurate valuation for your home, CA Modern Realty is here to help!

 2. Go Local for the Best Results

If you’re in a position where you want or need to sell your home, the first and most critical step is to find and partner with an agent with a deep understanding of your local real estate market. An out-of-town realtor won’t have the knowledge necessary to show prospective buyers how purchasing your house will plug them right into the local scene or explain which aspects of your home are especially beneficial for volatile Gulf Coast weather.

Thinking local is essential to finding the right buyer and maximizing the return on your home. Moving forward, we’ll explore ten different strategies people selling houses in the Houston market can use to achieve their goals and get the cash they need.

 3. Partner with a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in the Houston Area

As we’ve established, it’s crucial to work with a local realtor. Sure, the big money auction house signs look impressive on the lawn, but those companies are relying on their brand to sell your home instead of building an individualized sense of your property as an asset and truly grasping what living there has to offer someone in your community.

If you desire the best possible customer service and the most significant return on your house, it’s a mistake to sign up with the “local realtor” who’s a franchisee of one of the major national brands. While they may know the local market, chain brokers tend to provide a standardized approach that works for them, rather than the customized experience you get with a boutique brokerage.

Boutique real estate agencies work to super-serve a specific community by blending the best practices of traditional neighborhood realtors with a data- and technology-driven approach that creates more high-quality leads.

For those looking to sell their house with a boutique realtor in Houston, CA Modern Realty is a results-driven boutique brokerage focused on getting clients the best offer and providing a smooth sale.

 4. Leverage the Multiple Listing Service to Make Your Home Easier for House Hunters in Houston to Find

When it comes to finding a buyer, one of the best things you and your realtor can do is cast a wide net. While it’s true that your agent’s local knowledge is fundamental to getting to a successful sale, that doesn’t mean you should limit your lead generation and marketing efforts to the local area.

One of the best ways you can take your buyer search national is by enrolling in the Multiple Listing Service, also known as “America’s Real Estate Portal.” The MLS is a massive database of real estate listings and foreclosures sorted by state. It’s an excellent resource for families planning an interstate move or investors looking for new opportunities.

Listing on the MLS maximizes your visibility in the marketplace, but again, you’ll see the most significant return if you’re working with a great agent who knows how to design, word, and market your listing to speak to people who are specifically looking to purchase a home in the Greater Houston area.

 5. Bring in a Professional Negotiator with Expertise in the Houston Market

When it comes time to be serious about negotiating a sales price, no homeowner should rely on their instincts, that’s why you’re working with a qualified realtor. Realtors and lawyers are trained in different approaches and strategies they can use to agree upon a fair, mutually satisfying number, and generally sellers and buyers see the best results when they allow their agents to do the negotiating for them.

That doesn’t mean you should be out of the loop by any means! Contacting your agent directly to discuss progress or goals regularly is a great idea, but if you’ve partnered with a real expert you can trust, you can relax and rest assured that a highly trained professional is working on getting you the most money possible.

Again, a deep and up to date understanding of the local real estate market is fundamental to your realtor’s ability to articulate the value of your home and fight for the best price.

6. Embrace Technology to Close on Your House Sale Faster

The internet significantly changed the way people in this country shop for homes, but, until recently, the process of selling a house was still tied up in 20th-century logistics. Now, finally, technology has streamlined the closing process, which means that you no longer have to sit around a big table with your lawyers and waste hours passing paper back and forth.

Online closings now allow for signature capture and instantaneous cash transfer, which means that you can sell your house using an app with minimal face-to-face interaction. This tech approach can dramatically reduce hassle for everyone but is especially beneficial for the seller, who can get their payment and get on with their lives faster than ever.

Of course, to take advantage of these recent advances in real estate technology, you need to be working with a modern realtor with a firm grasp on emerging best practices like CA Modern Realty.

How CA Modern Realty Can Help You Sell a House in Houston

CA Modern Realty is a boutique brokerage on a mission to add value to the lives of the people in the Houston, Texas community. We pride ourselves on providing a modern, low-stress experience that truly puts our clients and their needs above all else.

Our team of elite Houston real estate experts are bilingual, up to date on both industry and local trends, and committed to helping clients realize the maximum value of their properties. Whether you’re looking for a quick cash sale, hoping to turn in your starter home for your dream house, or become a landlord with an investment property contact CA Modern Realty today to get game-changing insights from elite Real Estate experts dedicated to your success.


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